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Terms of Service

Terms of Use and Copyright Information Story

The Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) is a 501 (c3) educational foundation providing a variety of sources in the field of Astrology for education, research, and scholarship. In addition to the location of print materials, AIP provides a collection of digital materials in Astro Cat, AlP's Special Collections digital document database, and website. Although these materials are publicly accessible, they are not necessarily in the public domain. For materials not in the public domain, AIP has sought permission from authors, publishers, and copyright owners to provide these materials for

personal use only.


If copyright status is not specifically evident within the digital work, AIP will attempt to provide that information in the cataloging record (or metadata) as a service to aid the user. However, the ultimate responsibility of appropriate use rests with the user.


Conditions of Use


Items catalogued in Astro Cat but linked to the digital item from another source (Ex: Internet Archive).

  • Since AIP only links to the source of the digital copy, conditions of use are determined by the original source.


Items in the public domain.
  • While we may have determined a book to be in the public domain for users in the United States, it may not be in the public domain for users in other countries.

  • Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and AIP cannot offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

  • There may also be additional content (such as illustrations or commentary) contributed by other individuals that may be subject to copyright and rights for specific uses may need to be sought beyond what we can address.

  • Users are responsible for ensuring that use of the materials found on the AIP website and in Astro Cat is legal.


Digital items provided by AIP.
  • These items, which may be available on the AIP website, the Special Collections digital database, and in Astro Cat, are for research and educational use only.

  • Users are not permitted to download any files for reuse on any public or private server intended for redistribution publicly or by subscription.

  • These materials may not be used for any publication or commercial purpose without permission of AIP, and in the case of materials not in the public domain, permission from the copyright and/or property holder. The only exception are uses that follow "fair use" guidelines.

  • Publication in any form, including electronic, requires written permission from the author and/or publisher of any materials that are not in the public domain.

  • Individuals and institutions may make a link to the AIP materials subject to our conditions of use.

  • When using textual materials from the Alexandria iBase Project website, Special Collections digital database, or Astro Cat, acknowledge the name of the original author or creator, title, publisher, date, and other publication information.

  • Also acknowledge the Alexandria iBase Project as the digital publisher of the image or document.


We wish to acknowledge partner libraries, organizations, and individuals who have contributed to these collections. Credits are included where available. If any copyright owners are not properly identified, PLEASE CONTACT US so that appropriate information may be provided in the catalogue.


We do not sell or allow reproduction of uploaded materials. The catalogue is for educational purposes only and is a not-for-profit website.


If you believe that your copyright has been violated by material available through the AIP Website or Astro Cat, please contact us. AIP will remove or disable access to content that infringes upon copyright or other intellectual property rights.


Contact us at:

Snail Mail:  PO Box 15553, Clearwater FL 33766

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