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Anne Beversdorf received her BA magna cum laude, from the University of Texas at Austin, and her Masters of Library and Information Science at Indiana University.  Her first decade of work was as sole librarian of three special-libraries, after which she owned an educational software business.  When Pluto squared her Sun she walked away from all of that to practice astrology, both western and Vedic.  In 2016 she joined the Alexandria iBase Project as founding librarian, applying her knowledge of astrology to the subject catalog of the AstroCat database. Still a counselling astrologer, Anne is author of Vedic Secrets to Happiness (offering self-diagnosis and appropriate Vedic astrological remedies), the editor of several poetry books, and spends her spare time with textile arts and classical music.


 Anne has received a Lifetime Achievement Award (for astrology) from Marquis’ Who’s Who where she has been listed for decades, and has recently been an honored speaker at an International Astrology Conference in India (February 2020). She has read  nearly 20,000 charts since 1993 and has frequently published articles in The Mountain Astrologer, IAM (International Astrological Magazine), and a dozen other astrology periodicals, large and small. Anne has lectured internationally for small groups and large conferences and has a global clientele. 

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