Mercury Hour Magazine

13th Edition

April 1977

Issue Highlights Articles Zodiacal Numbering – Jeff Jawar Saturn in the Houses (continuation) – Dr. Robert H. Goodrich Saturn – Marc Penfield A Key to Relationships [The Art of Chart Comparison]- Introduction – Stephen Arroyo Eclipses – Ray Merriman (first part in a series) Some Notes on Astrological Research – Ingrid Naiman Reincarnation – Marc Penfield The Zodiac of Aspects (first of a two-part series) – Glenda Tomosovich Astrological Review of an Autobiography [Alone by Admiral Richard E. Byrd] – Prem H. Joshi The People’s Choice…A Different View of the Next Four Years – Dr. Robert H. Goodrich Discussions Saturn in the 1st and 6th houses House systems Horoscope of Jesus Aspects of artistic genius Notable contributors Marion March (various topics) Zip Dobyns (various birthcharts) Chart data Bob Dylan Thor Heyerdahl OJ Simpson Omar Sharif Ethel Kennedy Jerry Brown (birth time only

26th Edition

July 1980

Issue Highlights Articles Book Review Relationships & Life Cycles, Modern Dimensions of Astrology by Stephen Arroyo – Rochelle Gordon Articles Saturn Through the Signs – Bil Tierney Crisis in the Near East – Gregg Castellucci Chiron and Group Fusion – Tom McNamara The Discovery of the Asteroids – Joylyn Hill In the Winter of our Discontent – Marc Robertson (Jupiter-Saturn cycles) Pluto (Part III) – R.C. Davison Discussions AFA Conventions Void of Course Moon Ted Bundy Inherited family traits Chart data Israel Joan Crawford Candice Bergen John B. Anderson Mohammad Ali Jim Jones Notable contributors Marion March (Fiji conference) Lois Rodden (mostly notes on chart data) Jim Lewis (notes on A*C*G* maps of US Presidential candidates) Lee Lehman (research on astrology & homosexuality)

33rd Edition

April 1982

Issue Highlights Articles Chart Mart – Marc Penfield (charts included in “Chart data”, below) Tragedy at Tanque Verde Falls: A Case for Midpoints - Barbara May Khomeini’s Days Are Numbered – Manik Chand Jain Mercury – Erin Sullivan An Astrological Review of Passages (by Gail Sheedy) – Bil Tierney Astrology vs. Psychology: A Minor Dilemma for the 80’s – Stanley Kustesky Discussions Astrological research on incest Astrological birth control (human and equine) Ayatollah Khomeini Pluto transits Heliocentric astrology Charts of Israel Chart of Ronald Reagan Astro*Carto*Graphy Crash of AirFlorida Jet, Jan 13, 1982 Chart data (some incomplete or in question) Lucille Ball Tallulah Bankhead Constance Bennett Rosa Bonheur John Browning Horst Bucholz Bernard Buffet James Caan James Callaghan Julie Christie Van Cliburn Joan Crawford Bing Crosby Arlene Dahl Bobby Darin Bette Davis Deanna Durbin Jane Fonda Peggy Ann Garner Robert Guillaume Marilyn Horne Carole King Hedy Lamarr John Lennon George Lucas Jeanette MacDonald Archbishop Makarios Penny Marshall Bette Midler Harvey Milk George Moscone Alla Nazimova Mabel Normand Elvis Presley Louise Rainer Ruth St. Denis Ann Sheridan Beverly Sills Edith Sitwell Elke Sommer Cat Stevens Susan Strasberg Margaret Sullavan Constance Talmadge Renata Tebaldi Dame Sybil Thorndike Dorothy Tutin Lupe Velez Betty White Dan White Mary Wilson Leigh Taylor Young Pope John Paul II Kansas City, MO Lebanon Poland First US test tube baby Notable contributors Zane Stein (eclipses, quincunxes, Association for Studying Chiron (ASC) Michael Erlewine (Heliocentric astrology) Al H. Morrison (Void-of-Course Moon in the birth chart) Erin Sullivan (various topics)

4th Edition

January 1975

Issue Highlights Articles House Systems – Michael Munkasey Four Questionable Practices of Astrologers – Dr. James T. Hayes Excerpt from Foundation of the Astrological Chart – Ivy Jacobson (Johndro Locality Charts) The Cosmic Structure – Inge Aach (continuation of the Cosmobiology Series) The Vertex (series continuation) – Ruth Dewey Discussion Carl Payne Tobey’s Astrology of Inner Space (various contributors) Chart data Gerald Ford Muhammed Ali James Dean Marlon Brando Clark Gable Henry Kissinger Notable contributors Stephen Arroyo (Mars in Scorpio; Polarity Therapy) Zip Dobyns (formation of International Astrological Abstracts – IAA) Isabel Hickey (short bio & involvement in astrology