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Mercury Hour Magazine

13th Edition

April 1977

Issue Highlights Articles Zodiacal Numbering – Jeff Jawar Saturn in the Houses (continuation) – Dr. Robert H. Goodrich Saturn – Marc Penfield A Key to Relationships [The Art of Chart Comparison]- Introduction – Stephen Arroyo Eclipses – Ray Merriman (first part in a series) Some Notes on Astrological Research – Ingrid Naiman Reincarnation – Marc Penfield The Zodiac of Aspects (first of a two-part series) – Glenda Tomosovich Astrological Review of an Autobiography [Alone by Admiral Richard E. Byrd] – Prem H. Joshi The People’s Choice…A Different View of the Next Four Years – Dr. Robert H. Goodrich Discussions Saturn in the 1st and 6th houses House systems Horoscope of Jesus Aspects of artistic genius Notable contributors Marion March (various topics) Zip Dobyns (various birthcharts) Chart data Bob Dylan Thor Heyerdahl OJ Simpson Omar Sharif Ethel Kennedy Jerry Brown (birth time only

14th Extra Edition

April 1985

Issue Highlights Articles Published Birthtimes for Ronald Reagan – Raul Davila Sampling of the Research from the Astro-Punology of Names – Judy Goodwin The State of Israel – Marc Penfield Geo & Helio Mars-to-Moon Aspects in 150 Charts – T. Patrick Davis Excerpts From Letters to Michael Erlewine – John McCormick The Basic Meaning of Configurations – Marion March Atlantis and Astrology – Joylyn Hill Discussions Gauquelin’s “Mars effect” Astrological triggers for agoraphobia Commentary on Marion March’s “The Many Faces of Pluto” John H. Nelson’s heliocentric planetary aspects & ham radio operation Pearl Harbor attack Birth of Astrology Chart data (some incomplete or in question) Cuomo, Mario Duncan, Isadora Gacy, John Wayne Liddell, Alice (daughter of Lewis Carroll) Mondale, Walter Sepeda, Loren Faith (abducted child & related charts) Spungen, Nancy AFA (Sideral/Lavagnini Houses) Pact between Hitler and Stalin, Aug 1939 Pearl Harbor attack, Dec 1941 State of Israel Weizman-Peres Agreement, Tel Aviv, Aug 1984 Notable contributors Mark Melton (scientific method in astrological research) Marc Penfield (birthtime/rectification of chart of Ronald Reagan; numerological axioms of the American Presidents) Al H. Morrison (house systems; natal Moon void-of course; astrology and the federal Dictionary of Occupational Terms) Ivy Goldstein-Jacobs (brief non-astrological piece on the escalation of medication) Zane Stein (Halley’s Comet; Chiron; beginning of the Aquarian Age; rulership of body parts)

26th Edition

July 1980

Issue Highlights Articles Book Review Relationships & Life Cycles, Modern Dimensions of Astrology by Stephen Arroyo – Rochelle Gordon Articles Saturn Through the Signs – Bil Tierney Crisis in the Near East – Gregg Castellucci Chiron and Group Fusion – Tom McNamara The Discovery of the Asteroids – Joylyn Hill In the Winter of our Discontent – Marc Robertson (Jupiter-Saturn cycles) Pluto (Part III) – R.C. Davison Discussions AFA Conventions Void of Course Moon Ted Bundy Inherited family traits Chart data Israel Joan Crawford Candice Bergen John B. Anderson Mohammad Ali Jim Jones Notable contributors Marion March (Fiji conference) Lois Rodden (mostly notes on chart data) Jim Lewis (notes on A*C*G* maps of US Presidential candidates) Lee Lehman (research on astrology & homosexuality)

33rd Edition

April 1982

Issue Highlights Articles Chart Mart – Marc Penfield (charts included in “Chart data”, below) Tragedy at Tanque Verde Falls: A Case for Midpoints - Barbara May Khomeini’s Days Are Numbered – Manik Chand Jain Mercury – Erin Sullivan An Astrological Review of Passages (by Gail Sheedy) – Bil Tierney Astrology vs. Psychology: A Minor Dilemma for the 80’s – Stanley Kustesky Discussions Astrological research on incest Astrological birth control (human and equine) Ayatollah Khomeini Pluto transits Heliocentric astrology Charts of Israel Chart of Ronald Reagan Astro*Carto*Graphy Crash of AirFlorida Jet, Jan 13, 1982 Chart data (some incomplete or in question) Lucille Ball Tallulah Bankhead Constance Bennett Rosa Bonheur John Browning Horst Bucholz Bernard Buffet James Caan James Callaghan Julie Christie Van Cliburn Joan Crawford Bing Crosby Arlene Dahl Bobby Darin Bette Davis Deanna Durbin Jane Fonda Peggy Ann Garner Robert Guillaume Marilyn Horne Carole King Hedy Lamarr John Lennon George Lucas Jeanette MacDonald Archbishop Makarios Penny Marshall Bette Midler Harvey Milk George Moscone Alla Nazimova Mabel Normand Elvis Presley Louise Rainer Ruth St. Denis Ann Sheridan Beverly Sills Edith Sitwell Elke Sommer Cat Stevens Susan Strasberg Margaret Sullavan Constance Talmadge Renata Tebaldi Dame Sybil Thorndike Dorothy Tutin Lupe Velez Betty White Dan White Mary Wilson Leigh Taylor Young Pope John Paul II Kansas City, MO Lebanon Poland First US test tube baby Notable contributors Zane Stein (eclipses, quincunxes, Association for Studying Chiron (ASC) Michael Erlewine (Heliocentric astrology) Al H. Morrison (Void-of-Course Moon in the birth chart) Erin Sullivan (various topics)

36th Edition

January 1983

Issue Highlights Articles The Vertex - Jan Popelka Student’s Section: A Visit to Astrologers in the U.S.A. – Ann Stevens-Patacchiola The Catch-30 Passage: [28-32], Part III – Bil Tierney [life stages] [Uranus age cycle] Part II – Dale Huckeby Mysterious Neptune, Part II [Continuing of delineation of Marcia Moore’s chart and death] – Manik Chand Jain Moon Void of Course in the Signs, Part I – Ted George Is Nuclear War in Our Future? [An Astrological Call to Action] – Virginia Miller The Pshaw Report – Jayj Jacobs [humor] The Role of the Moon’s Nodes in World Events – Alan Richter The New Orleans Air Crash of July 1982 – Jeff Jawer The Effects of Saturn Transits in the Lives of the Pacific Club Members – Dona Shaw A Royal Baby – Judith Gee [Prince William] Determining the Winner of a Game – Sophia Mason The Psychological Patterns of Jesus Christ [book excerpt] – Frank Jakubowsky Discussions Astro*Carto*Graphy/Geodetic Equivalent system/mundane predictions [Jim Lewis/Eva McCabe] Chart of Israel Astrology hardware and software (report on Osborne and Astro Star) Sunspot activity & the stock market Gauquelin studies and statistics Chart of Vincent Van Gogh Lindbergh baby kidnapping Calculation of the Part of Fortune Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers 1st National Conference [list of awards] Heliocentric planetary nodes Parallax Intruder in the Queen’s Bedroom [Elizabeth II] Horoscope of Jesus Chart data (some incomplete or in question) August Belmont David Crosby Richard Dreyfuss Michael Fagan Andy Gibb Bruno Hauptmann Charley Pride Victoria Principal Ronald Reagan Michael Trestrail Israel (& Partition) United Kingdom Intruder in Queen’s Bedroom [Elizabeth II] Invasion of Falkland Islands Lindberg Baby kidnapping Notable contributors Jim Lewis (chart of Ronald Reagan; Astro*Carto*Graphy) Jeff Jawer (First Canadian National Conference) Barbara Watters (Grand trines; her book Sex and the Outer Planets) Tracy Marks (financial compensation for astrologers) Kay Taylor (astrology of poltergeist activity) Zane Stein (Chiron) Erin Sullivan (astrology of sexuality, hetero- vs. homo-)

42nd Edition

July 1984

Issue Highlights Book Reviews Interpreting Your Retrograde Planets by Linda Carbone – Marion March The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo – Marion March Astroeconomics: The Union of Astrology and Economics by Barry Lynes – Marguerite Dar Boggia The Astrology of Choice by Roy Alexander – Carolyn Dodson The Cosmic Informer by Robert Pelletier and Leonard Cataldo – Edith Custer Articles An Astrological Anatomy of Behavior, Part IIB – Danni Herman Paragon, the Twin of Mercury – Ted George IAO Research Center News – Robin Armstrong (President) Houses – Marc Penfield Uranian Astrology – Penny Bertucelli Neptune – Terri Kerins AIDS Data – Jack Fertig Creativity – Defiance Gregg AFA/AFAN – Jeff Jawer Astrology and the Law – Angel Thompson Magic, Madness, and a Cancer Stellium – Amy M. Franco Astrology and its Implications for Education of the Gifted – Lynette Nygaard Astrology Now – Bonnie Parker [Humanistic Astrology] Discussions Karma and reincarnation Charts of Ronald Reagan and George Bush 1984 Korean airliner shooting Chart of Kansas City San Jose, CA and Los Angeles, CA “Fortune Telling” legal cases Chiron Charts of USA and American Civil War Taurus degrees Chart data (some incomplete or in question) (see next page for Marc Penfield’s Chart Mart charts) Andropov, Yuri Diamond, Neil Jackson, Jesse Glenn, John Olivier, Lawrence Westmoreland, William Williams, Tennessee Foundation of Russia Notable contributors Al H. Morrison Marion March

47th Edition

October 1985

Issue Highlights Book Reviews By Marion March: Celestial Psychology: An Astrological Guide to Growth and Transformation by Doris A. Hebel Astrochemistry: A Study of Metal-Planet Affinities by Nick Kellerstrom Instant Astrology by Mary Orser, Rick and Glory Brightfield The Astrology of Deep Space by Philip Sedgwick Spiritual Astrology: A Layperson’s Guide to Self-Unfoldment by Jan Spiller The Practice and Profession of Astrology by Stephen Arroyo Birth Pattern Psychology by Tamise Van Pelt The Astrological Prayer Book by Alda Marian Jangl Your Key to Astrology [book plus] Astrological Key Cards: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects by Bill Hansen – Edith Custer Articles Astrology and the Weather – Dorothy Willis Lunar Return Notes, Part II – Joan McEvers Calculation Without Tables of the Julian Day & Century, Obliquity of the Ecliptic, MC, ASC, and Houses, Part I – John F. Gay, III The Tree of Life: An Overview – Fran Rosen Astrological Hall of Fame Awards – Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers [2nd National Conference] Along the Tarot Path – Fran Rosen How I Survived my Pluto Square Pluto and Other Transits – Carol Hemingway The Luscher Color Test, A Symbolic Testing Model – Zan Key Observations on Astrology, Original & Borrowed – John F. Gay, III I’m Mad at You!!!! – Mary Ellen Glass The Horoscope of Russia – Marc Penfield Chart Mart – Marc Penfield A Trip Round the Hawaiian Zodiac, Part II – Cheryl Niggle Astrology and the Weather: Forecasting the Weather, Part I – Dorothy Willis Horary Astrology: A Definition – Gilbert Navarro The Business Cycle, Part II – Bill Hansen Neptune, The Collective Fantasy, and Popular Music – Amy Franco The Mystery of the Chinese Zodiac, Now Revealed for the First Time – Frank Hampton The Qualities of Time, Part I – Tundra Wind Discussions Astrology, licensure, & ethics Quadrant house systems vs. Equal Houses Radix-based Tarot technique Natal location in Return chart Birth time of Ronald Reagan Seven Hill Astrological Conference [reports] Mercury retrograde Page 2 of 3 Chart data (some incomplete or in question) (see next page for Marc Penfield’s Chart Mar

4th Edition

January 1975

Issue Highlights Articles House Systems – Michael Munkasey Four Questionable Practices of Astrologers – Dr. James T. Hayes Excerpt from Foundation of the Astrological Chart – Ivy Jacobson (Johndro Locality Charts) The Cosmic Structure – Inge Aach (continuation of the Cosmobiology Series) The Vertex (series continuation) – Ruth Dewey Discussion Carl Payne Tobey’s Astrology of Inner Space (various contributors) Chart data Gerald Ford Muhammed Ali James Dean Marlon Brando Clark Gable Henry Kissinger Notable contributors Stephen Arroyo (Mars in Scorpio; Polarity Therapy) Zip Dobyns (formation of International Astrological Abstracts – IAA) Isabel Hickey (short bio & involvement in astrology
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