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AstroCat is different from other online catalogues like WorldCat. Its organizing principles are based in concepts and terminology embedded in the language of astrology:

  • Specializing in astrology and astrology-related resources.

  • Searchable by specific astrological subject terms (most libraries rarely get more specific than "astrology" in cataloguing these materials).

  • Including tables of contents in our cataloguing records whenever possible.


AstroCat currently has over 9,000 records including:

  • The private libraries of several professional astrologers and astrological associations. (Primarily print books and periodicals in both English and several foreign languages)

  • Digital versions of many astrological works in the public domain.

  • Individual issues of two online astrology publications, Career Astrologer and Infinity Astrological Magazine. We include searchable titles and authors of each article. Each issue is available as a PDF for personal use.

  • Works by authors who have granted rights to AIP to upload digital copies for personal use.

Plans for the Alexandria iBase Project:

  • Add audio and video resources to the catalogue and website.

  • Identify and add private collections and private papers of a wide variety of professional astrologers.

  • Acquire space to eventually house acquired physical collections.


Library services available:

  • Research assistance.

  • Recommendations by professional astrologers for specific subject areas.

Projects in progress:

  • Cataloguing the private collection of Philip Graves (archivist and historian of astrological works).

  • Cataloguing the private papers of Marion March.

  • Growing the AIP digital database.

Image by Anastasia Dulgier
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