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Astrology, as a body of knowledge, lives in the creations of those who have touched or been touched by it. All of that material,  both print and digital, needs to be preserved and properly curated for educational use by current & future generations.

Our mission is to provide a complete and well-categorized bibliography of astrological resources

  • to preserve published literature related to the field of astrology.

  • to acquire and provide access to personal papers of astrologers who have contributed so much. 

  • to create a collection treasures from around the world available for everyone to use and enjoy at no charge.​

Phase one of this project is building the AIP AstroCat into a library catalogue of astrological works in private collections, digital versions in the public domain, and additional digital works not in the public domain but made available to AIP for inclusion in the AstroCat database.

The library includes

  • catalogue listings of print books and periodicals in privately owned collections.  

  • access to digital books and documents, many of which are in the public domain and can be downloaded.

  • book reviews and editorial content related to catalogue listings.

Future initiatives include

  • digitizing books and materials currently only available in print. 

  • adding audio and video materials.

  • acquiring cloud space to house digital collections.

Our curation team includes professional librarians and astrologers.  We also need volunteers to serve as library scouts. The AIP AstroCat is crowd sourced, leveraging many eyes and ears on the ground to help uncover and document valuable private collections before they are lost.  

It's an ambitious effort, but a worthy one. And we are proud to be a part of it.

Image by Valentin Antonini
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