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Planned Giving and Estate Planning

If you would like, you can earmark your gift to be used for catalogue expansion and operations and/or assign it to be used for digital special collections development.

AIP accepts cash and non-cash donations.

  • Unrestricted gifts of stocks, annuities, bonds, mutual funds, or other equities can be transferred to AIP's account at Charles Schwab. Contact AIP for account information.

  • Real Estate

  • Smaller items that can be sold at auction such as art and jewelry are welcome. Please check first to make sure it's an item we can accept. You would be responsible for shipping and valuing items for tax purposes.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD)

Ask your tax professional how to take advantage of QCDs to reduce your tax liability on mandatory IRA distributions.

In-Kind Donations

Do you have a product or service that AIP could use? Copyright permitted digital content, library expertise, scanning services, or perhaps software development that would help AIP achieve its goals. It's tax deductible. Check with us to find out if it's something we can use.

Do you need a will?

Let FREEWILL help you create one. It's free!

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