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Do you realize that astrology’s knowledge disappears daily?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Books go out of print. Lectures get lost. Magazines hit the dustbin. No field of knowledge can thrive without its history, and we are losing that.

The good news? The Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) exists to save this literature so anyone can access it. And we are the only ones who are doing it. Our goal is to make this material legally available online.


YOU can make this happen! Thanks to a few generous donors, our Astro Catalog already lists nearly 10,000 separate (print and digital) items. You can search them by astrology specific subject, as well as titles and authors. What’s more, The Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) has reached an agreement with a major collector to scan ancient materials going back to the 15th century. This valuable collection will be available to YOU -- IF WE CAN RAISE THE MONEY.


This is our first fundraising effort.

Do you think this work is valuable? Vote with a donation!


We've come a long way since 2015

As you can tell, we’ve been busy already. Our original donors made this possible. In 2014, the Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) was just a twinkle in the eye of a shared vision. Christeen Skinner and Georgia Stathis knew there was a problem and they set about figuring out how to solve it. The problem? How to prevent astrology, as a body of knowledge, from losing its source material to the passing of time . . . again. Astrologers have spent the past half century rediscovering treasure troves of astrological material, often never translated from ancient languages, lost in the basements of old libraries, hidden in private collections, and even buried in the ground. At the same time, thousands of books, articles, and magazines, written by modern era astrology authors are vanishing. Material is dispersed around the world, vulnerable to the passing of its authors, the whims of publishers and overburdened libraries, subject to the fragility of the organic material on which it is printed. The solution? Find it, catalogue it, reference it, identify its location, and when possible digitize it and make it available online.

And so … In 2015, with the generous support of Urania Trust and under the umbrella of Kepler College, The Alexandria iBase Project was launched. And now … In 2021, AIP has matured with its own 501c3 educational non-profit status and a paid staff of librarians and project coordinators. AIP currently has a catalog of nearly ten thousand MARC records of print and digital items from a variety of sources: books, magazines and articles, academic papers, and lectures, with a growing backlog of thousands more (including video). AIP has an opportunity in the spring of 2022 to incorporate an enormous collection of historical material that will need to be scanned.

But we can only go so far without your support… We are asking for help from our community. We need your financial support to continue this work. It is now up to YOU, our astrological community, to decide…is this important enough to support? This year, we have launched our first fundraiser. Donation options include one-time and recurring gifts of any amount.

Adopt A Librarian

PS: We have a sponsor who has offered to match your donation of $1,000 or more until 12/21/2021 (up to $5,000).

PPS: Call (925 586-3303) to get more information on estate planning and in-kind stock donations. Make AIP a beneficiary and include this important work in your legacy.

Donate online Sustaining Member $10.00+ monthly (annual or one-time donation $120+) Bronze Star Member: $25+ monthly (annual or one-time donation $300+) Silver Star Member: $50+ monthly (annual or one-time donation of $600+) Gold Star Member: $100+ monthly (annual or one-time donation $1,200+) Star-Catcher: $200+ monthly (annual or one-time donation $2,400+) Silver Star-Catcher: $300+ monthly (annual or one-time donation $3,600+) Gold Star-Catcher: $500+ monthly (annual or one-time donation $6,000+) Founder: $15,000 Mail a check to: Alexandria iBase Project, c/o Georgia Stathis, Chair PO BOX 15553 Clearwater, FL 33766 Founding donors include Urania Trust Starcycles Support from Kepler College Peggy Lance Little

The Alexandria iBase Project is a 501C3 Educational Non-Profit foundation, EIN 85-3712072 (for US citizens) This international foundation is a global effort, for all people interested in preserving astrological research and writings.

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