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Welcome to AIP's new addition to our library

AIP's core mission is to collect astrological material from sources around the world, preserve it, and make it available digitally for study.

Astrology related primary source content is precious and often rare. It comes in many formats and often is not easily catalogued or stored in standard library formats and systems. Old books, print articles, magazines, and research notes from thought leaders in the field of astrology are disappearing quickly as the paper they are printed on is discarded or disintegrates with age. Audio recordings of lectures and recordings fade as technology changes.

Digitizing and hosting this material is an expensive and labor-intensive process. As we continue to build out this project, at some point, we will consider how best to subsidize this effort. But for now, as we figure that part out, we are making special collections content publicly available. The AstroCat catalogue is always free to use for everyone.  AIP depends on, and is grateful for, all donations.

Check out the collections we are currently digitizing.

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