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AIP Summer Solstice News

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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Welcome to the quarterly Alexandria iBase Project newsletter where we keep our community updated on all the latest AIP news. We welcome contributions from our community. If you have an interesting tidbit to share, have used our catalogue in an interesting way, or have a book recommendation or review, we would love to hear about it. And with that, here’s what’s up for this summer.

What is the most fun thing about having a library?

Librarians! Especially the curious ones who discover curiosities…the things that make you go WHAT? Wait…WHAT? And then they share them with the rest of us. AIP has Anna Grzeszkiewicz, a university librarian who is interested in astrology and science. And for those of you who think the two are not compatible areas of study, check out her latest find from Quanta Magazine. In an explainer YouTube video, David Tong, a theoretical physicist from Cambridge University, breaks down the structure of the standard model of particle physics. And for astrologers, the illustration of this theory of the structure of matter is a head turner. Consider this illustration of the standard particle physics model compared to an astrological radix chart.

First, according to this model, everything in the universe is made up of twelve matter particles that interact with three forces and a Higgs field. The matter particles are divided up into three sets of four. Those are acted upon by three forces. The Higgs field imbues all the matter particles with mass. Everything in our universe is made up of different combinations of these matter particles. Intriguing, eh? To quote from Hermes Trismegistus, theoretical physicist of the ancient world, “As above, so below” Find out more about how astrology treats physics with a search in the AIP AstroCat catalogue:

1. “Search the Catalogue” button. 2. Select search term "Subject" and type in "Physics". The catalog displays more than 25 records, some available for lending from online sources. If you would like to check out David Tong's video, you can find it here: Need help? just ask Anna:

Although nothing is ever fully complete in the library business, we can proudly say that so far, included in the 12,000 titles currently listed in our library, we have identified and catalogued nearly 1,000 that are available to borrow from the Internet Archive. In progress:

  • Cataloging the private collection of Philip Graves (archivist and historian of astrological works).

  • Identifying and providing access to more digital content.

Coming up:

  • An Authority File of astrological subject headings and authors. Authority files are consistent in format and use among all libraries.

  • Pathfinders are curated listings of links to recommended books in catalogues, websites, and documents on a specific topic or research goal.

The AIP “Adopt A Librarian” fundraising campaign is ongoing for 2022. We are at 35 percent of our goal for the year and we have much more that we would like to accomplish. AIP depends on your donations to be able to continue building out the catalogue and offer it to users at no charge. Your donation helps us keep it free to use for everyone. A gift for you... Duncan Nanney has generously provided his beautifully hand drawn Concise Ephemeris 1991-2026 to AIP with his permission to distribute it as a "Thank You" for your donation of $20 or more during our "Adopt a Librarian" fundraiser. In PDF format, it's easy to store and use on your PC or mobile device. -- Thank You, Duncan! If you have a copyright free (or permitted), digital item that our community would enjoy -- and that you are willing to share, let us know. We would love to give you credit for your generosity.

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